Code for Interactions with Companies

 Code for Interactions with Annotations - Updated April 13, 2015  |  Press Release  |  List of Signers

Medical Specialty Societies play an important role in reaching out to health professionals, patients, and other groups.  Our members guide biomedical research, discover new therapies, and engage in high quality medical practice.  Societies offer educational opportunities that help translate scientific and medical progress into the efficient delivery of effective medical care.  Societies develop resources that guide our members in advancing medical care. Societies provide a forum for presenting new skills and scientific developments. 

For-profit entities that develop, produce, market or distribute drugs, devices, services or therapies used to diagnose, treat, monitor, manage, and alleviate health conditions, referred to in this Code as “Companies,” also strive to help patients live longer and healthier lives.  Companies invest resources to bring new drugs, devices and therapies out of the laboratory and to the patient while maximizing value for shareholders.  

Members and patients count on Societies to be authoritative, independent voices in the world of science and medicine.  Public confidence in our objectivity is critical to carrying out our mission.  We know the public relies on us to minimize actual and perceived conflicts of interest.  The Council of Medical Specialty Societies (CMSS) believes every Society must be sure its interactions with Companies meet high ethical standards.

Societies’ interactions with Companies may include receiving charitable contributions, applying for grants in support of programmatic activities, and conducting a range of business transactions. In all of these interactions, Societies are committed to acting with integrity and transparency. 

We adopt this Code to reinforce the core principles that help us maintain actual and perceived independence. Adopting this Code helps to ensure that a Society’s interactions with Companies will be for the benefit of patients and members and for the improvement of care in our respective specialty fields. 

PDF of Revised Code for Interactions with Companies 3-19-11  |  Press Release  |  List of Signers

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