Liaison Representatives

Accreditation Council for Continuing Medical Education (ACCME)

Board Directors - Mira Irons, MD and Carlyle Chan, MD 
ARC Representative - Suzanne Ziemnik, Med, Stuart Abramson, MD and Debra Gist
Member Organization Liaison - Norman Kahn, MD

Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education   

Directors - Ted Epperly, MD, Edwin Zalneraitis, MD, Carol A. Bernstein, MD and Henry J. Schultz, MD
CLER Evaluation Committee - Diane Hartmann, MD
Official Observer from OPDA to the CRC - Joseph Gilhooly, MD
Member Organization Liaison - Norman Kahn, MD
Institutional Review Committee - Peter Nalin, MD

Alliance for Continuing Education in the Health Professions, Alliance Research Institute 

Representative - Norman Kahn, MD

Ambulatory Care Quality Alliance             

Primary Representative - Linda Gillam, MD
Alternate Representative -  Norman Kahn, MD

American Board of Medical Specialties  

Representative to the COMMOC Committee - Robert Perelman, MD
Member Organization Liaison/ABMS Assembly - Norman Kahn, MD
Liaison to MOC Committee - Miriam Alexander, MD, MPH
COCERT - Deborah Hales, MD
MOC-CME Workgroup - Norman Kahn, MD
Ethics & Professionalism Committee                      
ABMS CEO Planning Committee - Jay Scully, MD, Michael Costelloe, JD, David Martin, CAE, David Nielsen, MD, Tom Stautzenbach, CAE, Mike Sheppard CPA, CAE, Steven Weinberger, MD, FACP, Catherine Rydell, CAE, Hal Lawrence, MD, Martha Liggett, Esq., David Parke, MD and Norman Kahn, MD

American Medical Association

CEO Advisory Panel - David Nielsen, MD and Tom Stautzenbach, CAE
House of Delegates; Official Observer - Norman Kahn, MD
AMA Council on Medical Education (COME) Liaison - Norman Kahn, MD
Scope of Practice Partnership Liaison - Norman Kahn, MD

Association of American Medical Colleges           

Workforce Planning Committee - Perry Pugno, MD, MPH, CPE and Holly Mulvey, MA

Boston University REMS Education Program     

Advisory Board - Anne Grupe, MS Ed 

Center for Medicare and Medicaid Innovation                  

Partnership for Patients Liaison - Norman Kahn, MD

Coalition for Physician Accountability  

Primary Participant to Sponsor Oversight Group - Norman Kahn, MD
Alternate participant to Sponsor Oversight Group - Marie Brown, MD

Coalition for Physician Enhancement     

CMSS Representative - Holly Humphrey, MD

Coalition for REMS Education (CO*RE)

Member Organization Liaison - Kathy Marian

Federation of State Medical Boards    

Official Observer - Norman Kahn, MD
MOL CEO's Advisory Council - Norman Kahn, MD

Institute of Medicine                     

Clinical Effectiveness Research Innovation Collaborative - Norman Kahn, MD
Committee on Common Disclosure - Norman Kahn, MD
Committee on Common Disclosure - Allen Lichter, MD

Medbiquitous Consortium                           

Medbiquitous Metrics Working Group - LAO REMS                         

National Association of Medical Education Companies   

NAMEC Bias Initiative                     

National Board of Medical Examiners   

Representatives - Rebecca Minter, MD and Rosanne Leipzig, MD

National Board of Osteopathic Medical Examiners

Committee Member for Blue Ribbon Panel on Enhancing COMLEX - Lena Napolitano, MD
Committee member for Blue Ribbon Panel on Enhancing COMLEX - John Potts, MD
NBOME Liaison Committee -Tara Uhler, MD

National Committee for Quality Assurance

NCQA Clinical Programs Committee - Norman Kahn, MD

National Human Genome Research Institute (NHGRI) – Inter-society Coordinating Committee

Subgroup on Use Cases - Norman Kahn, MD (CMSS)
Subgroup on Educational Products - Anne Grupe, MS Ed (ASCO)
Subgroup on Educational Products - Robert Roberts, MD (ACC)

National Practitioner Data Bank

Representative - Steven M. Donn, MD, FAAP
Alternate - James Stevens, MD

National Quality Forum

Representative - Sydney Dy, MD
Alternate - Adrienne Mims, MD

National Priorities Partnership

Representative - Norman Kahn, MD

National Quality Registry Network

Representative - Norman Kahn, MD

National Resident Matching Program 

Representatives - Susan Guralnick, MD, FAAP and Thomas Whalen, MD

National Workforce Commission

Tom Ricketts, PhD 

Physician Consortium for Performance Improvement    

Executive Committee Member - David Nielsen, MD
Primary Representative - Barbara Messinger-Rapport, MD
Alternate Representative - John Schaeffer, MD, FACC

Patient-Centered Outcomes Research Institute               

Board of Governors - Grayson Norquist, MD, MSPH


CME/CPD Project Liaison - Audrey Shively
CME/CPD Project Alternate - Debbie Gist