CMSS Council of Representatives

Each member organization’s representation to the CMSS Council shall consist of the CEO, an elected leader currently serving at the level of governance of the member organization, and a representative selected by the member organization. The term of office of a representative shall be three years on a calendar year basis.  A representative may be re-designated or replaced at the discretion of the society represented.  Members may send as many individuals to CMSS meetings as they choose. In the case of Primary and Sub-specialty members, one of the physician representatives shall be identified as the society’s voting representative. 

The CMSS Council shall meet at least two times each year, with the annual meeting scheduled in the last quarter of each year.  The time of the meetings shall be fixed by the Board of Directors.  Special meetings may be called at the request of the President or shall be called at the request of any eight Primary and/or Sub-specialty member organizations of the Council.