The purposes of CMSS are to foster, promote, support, augment, develop and encourage: 

  • • Improved quality of medical care for all patients;
    • Improved standards and systems of delivery of patient care;
    • Effective programs for continuing and graduate medical education;
    • Studied responses to medical and health policy issues;
    • Communication among specialty organizations concerned with the principal disciplines of medicine; and
    • Ethical practice and professionalism in medicine.


CMSS is recognized and valued as a leading advocate for professionalism, including lifelong learning of physicians.                       

CMSS convenes specialty societies (and related organizations) to identify critical issues, define common policies and positions, and influence decisions in the best interest of the public.  It promotes and enhances the ability of societies and their members to develop and disseminate models for the provision of optimum care to the public.                       

Specialty societies and their leaders, staff and members receive significant value from their participation in CMSS.                       

As a result, CMSS has a stable membership, multiple sources of revenue and the financial resources, staff and support needed to fulfill its mission.                  

Areas of mutual commitment:                                                                 

Education: Lifelong Learning and Self-Assessment - monitoring and developing strategies for postgraduate education that improve patient outcomes.                                                                   

Relationships - coordinating communication with related bodies, including ABMS (with particular focus on Maintenance of Certification), AAMC, AMA, FSMB, and the National Quality Forum.                                                                   

Representation - assuring broad-based representation to major entities in medical education and evaluation, e.g. ACGME, ACCME, NBME, NRMP.                                                                  

Advocacy - coordinating advocacy of specialty medicine when an issue of major importance is identified and there is support of member societies.                                                                   

Information - coordinating information exchange among medical specialty societies and disseminating information to the public when it is requested or of particular interest.                                                                   

Inclusion - facilitating the inclusion of member specialty society-designated subspecialties in the activities of CMSS.